Friday, 21 September 2012

Spruce up your kitchen/dining table with these adorable Glass containers - Part II

A few more sets to my collection of adorable glass containers. I wanted to try them out with a few more bright colors. Also, I had some extra lace lying with me. So thought of doing these up with a little bit of lace. So two more sets; one in turquoise and magenta and one in turquoise and yellow. 
The design is inspired from designs seen in Morrocan art. 

The second set of a bright turquoise and yellow glass containers. Inspired by Nature!

These containers will be up soon for sale as I'm lining up stuff! :P These will be priced between Rs. 200-300. All updates for products on sale will be posted on my Facebook Page. So do stay tuned. 

Till then, Happy Crafting!

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