Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Spruce up your kitchen/dining table with these adorable Glass containers

I came across these tiny little kitchen glass containers in a local shop. And as usual, I couldn’t resist picking them up to try my hands on. I guess I’ve turned into a compulsive shopper as far as such stuff is concerned. :P

I’ve tried turning these containers into adorable kitchen/dining hall décor/storage. What’s best about these is you could also use them as unique table pieces. 

What you need for these containers:
  • Plain glass containers (you can get them from any local store which sells home appliances/products, gift items etc)
  • In case of the first set (red & blue), I've used glass paints and glass liners. Glass liners for the mosaic design and glass paints for the fills)
  • In case of the second one (yellow and lime green), I've used ceramic paints for a darker finish. and glass liner for the design.
  • Some colored sequins (optional)

Happy Crafting


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