Monday, 24 September 2012

Stunning Lighting Décor from Old Liquor/Wine Bottles

Bored of staring at those old wine and liquor bottles in your showcase? Here’s a tip! Get them out of there! Splash some paint on them, scribble something over it! And add some light to it!! Still wondering? Here are some snapshots of my work.
My first piece of bottle art.

 A mosaic design one of my favorite designs. Looks stunning especially with glass. This one's done with white serial lights. The one below is the same bottle, but with Blue lights. Gives it a Neon look.

I must say... this one's my masterpiece... The print is Inspired by Goa's famous and legendary cartoonist Mario Miranda. 

A view from the side.

The Back of the bottle.
 What you will need for these:
  • Old liquor bottles 
  • Glass pencil (to draw a rough sketch before you paint the bottle)
  • Paints (preferably Glass or ceramic)
  • Black Acrylic Paint for the borders 
  • One string of serial light
You'll need to make a hole on any one side of the bottle to insert the serial lights inside. You can do this by taking the bottle to any of the local glass cutting stores where they will get your bottle drilled. You can also drill a hole if you have a drilling machine at home and if you're confident enough to do it!

Till then, happy crafting!