Monday, 17 June 2013

DIY: Quirky Coasters from CD's and Price Tags

Hello Folks! Hope you all are good and well! Its been raining cats and dogs over here in Goa over the last few days.  And I prefer to be more of an indoor person during monsoons - enjoying a hot cup of tea along with some hot chocolate cake just out from the oven. And not to talk about some street side masala corn! Yes its one of my monsoon favourites!  That's it from my side.
Getting back to my post on quirky coasters, here's a super way to recycle all the Cd's as well as price tags in your home. And you won't believe it, they simply add a happy and homely feel to any table! Well, here are a few snapshots before I go about telling you how to make them...
The First Six are Cd's and the next 6, Price Tags.
 Aren't they simply pretty??? In my own words, they simply add an 'awwww' factor to a table. 

So here's how you got about it... You can try these coasters with Cd's or Price tags. The technique is the same. 
For those of you using price tags, if you're a regular shopper at pantaloons, there's this brand in salwar/Kurtis called "Rangmanch" which usually has its price tags in the form of circles. This is what I've used for the coasters. 
Getting Started with your coasters:
·      Get your CD/Price tag painted in acrylic colours. Chose your colour depending on the colour of the thread your using. So keep it contrasted to make these coasters more colourful.  For e.g. if you're using a green or an orange coloured thread, paint the CD/price tag in black. 
·      For the thread, you can use any type of thread except for wool. 
·      Apply a little bit of fevicol to the CD/price tags, especially at the edges for it to hold the thread and for a durable finish.  
·   Start rolling the thread over the CD/price tag carefully. Make sure the first layer is strongly glued to the CD/price tag. Roll the thread in a way which creates a lot of geometric designs. :) (That's the simplest way I could put it! :D)
·      Finally, wind up by gluing the last end of the thread with fevicol. Make sure you use a decent amount so that it doesn't come off later. And you're done with your coaster!

If you do try out, Don't forget to share your pictures over here. I would love to feature them in my blog.

Till then,  Happy Crafting!!
See you next week.


  1. creativity at its best .. only yesterday i was thinking about your blog .. :)
    Amazing !!

    1. Oh my gosh!! Happy I make people think about my blog ;) Thanks! I'm following your blog too! I must say - you've got a very good sense of humor.

  2. Whoa !!
    today it's my coincidence day !!!

    It just happens that I got lots of unused CDs today!!
    would love to do this and will surely leave you a link for checking my version out out
    Thank you !!

      This is a crafts group .
      Please join and share your crafts here

    2. Hey Priyanjana. Thanks! Look forward to receiving a link to your work!


      here you go !!

      hope you like 'em!

    4. Cooolll!!! Really nice...:)

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