Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wine Bottle Illuminary

A while ago I had a post written on Stunning Lighting Decor from Old Liquor/Wine Bottles where I used bottles to create illuminaries. This is just an  addition to the collection but with a unique design. 

I totally love Moroccan art & designs and I believe they can make any accessory look stunning may it be a bottle, a lantern, a jar or for that matter any other decor item. The intricate designs are simply superb and stunning. 
This wine bottle is done up in fuchsia and fluorescent yellow with black detailing. Here are a few snapshots of the wine bottle:
In Daylight 
Lit up with rice lights
A Closer Look
This piece had been in my WIP for quite sometime now... More because of the intricacy and detailing required over here. I hope to try out some more designs especially on bottles and yes, not to forget jars. 
Till then, happy Crafting!



  1. Wow !! this is amazing stuff !! how creative ... its gr8 to hunt down creative blogs .impressive work !!
    find me as a regular visitor Karen !! Happy Crafting and Blogging too :)

  2. Excellent! typical Goa beauty :)