Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ordinary Lamps with a Twist

As an alternative to candle votives and designer lamps, I’ve found these simple and ordinary candle lamps which once done up are no less than any designer lamp. They’re very simple and so adorable which can make over the look of any space in your home. 
Well, I got my hands on these in a local market where clay products are sold. These are simple candle lamps where the base is made up of clay and the lamp of glass. The glass is very brittle - that’s the only part which makes them very delicate and fragile. Nonetheless, they make an amazing home accent! Here are snapshots of my collection:
 Lamps simply painted in glass paints finished with a cute ribbon bow. The clay is painted in gold oil paints. These serve as simple and pretty accents for your home. 

Here are few more of my lamps done up in thread:

Well this does not require much effort. Just keep rolling the thread around the glass part, but be sure to keep a firm hold of the thread on the glass.

A great alternative to expensive lamps and lampshades, you could use these simple lamps at your bedside table.

You could try making your own by using a variety of accessories like handmade paper (especially the fibre/netted ones which have a netted texture), sequins, decorative beads/stones, lace, ribbons, washi tape etc. One more technique which simply works best with lamps is to decorate them with dried leaves and flowers. All you have to do is get some ‘modge podge’ glue to stick them to the glass. Well if this is too complicated, use normal glue to stick dried leaves and flowers. Dried flowers and leaves simply add to the beauty of any art and why not use it on your lamps for a rustic piece of art!
For lighting these lamps, you don’t need to stick to tea light candles, you can use the regular candles, however be careful of overheating, as these lamps are made of brittle glass. There are chances that the glass may crack. Moreover, using a candle leaves a black film on the inside. Another great alternative is LED tea light candles if you don't mind spending a little bit more. 
So what are you waiting for? Make your own designer lamps!

Till then,
Happy Crafting!


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