Friday, 20 July 2012

Papyrus IV - Part A Pomnader balls

I came across this stunning craft when I first came across Etsy. I saw these amazing pomander balls and how they were used for weddings, home décor, parties and other occasions. And somehow I was just fascinated and soon jumped to the idea of trying them out. I couldn’t wait till I would make one! I looked up some tutorials and articles online and zoom! I was ready to go!

I was already familiar and had tried out paper Mache for lantern balls made out of thread. So I went on to use the same method for the base of the ball. For the flowers, I made use of crepe and tissue paper.

The best thing was, it was end of November which also happens to be the onset of Christmas!! So I had a reason to accessorize my home with these amazing pomnader balls. Finally, to complete it all and to add a little bit of my own twist, I decided to add some light to them! :) For the colors, I stuck to just 2 - cream and magenta.

This is what they look when they're lit up...

Looks nothing less than a fiery ball of fire!

The best thing about these is that they can be used in various ways. I used the lit up pomnader balls for christmas and then used them indoors as a home decor item. Just a word of caution, since these were hung outside in the balcony  , there were exposed in the sun and hence easily prone to fading (specially the darker colors if you're using crepe paper). 

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