Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Going Experimental!

What do you do when you have a million of creative ideas playing ‘hide n seek’ at the back of your head? You have a lot to put down on that creative plate and yet struggle to materialise it! And it’s just that little free time which makes so much of a difference – it’s like getting your small little vacation where you can allow your ideas to explode and go boom! 

I do believe a lot in ‘last minute spontaneity”. I know it may sound funny but this spontaneity is what I feel gets the best out of all of us!!! Some of my best stuff has been a result of this quality... I feel very proud in sharing some of my work which is a result of my last minute spontaneity! :D

Paper wheels
I had these really cute and adorable printed tissue papers which I had saved (from being used for its normal purpose :D) for all my future craft needs. And I didn't have peace till I would make something out of those. Out of curiosity, I tried making these paper wheels out of them. And this is what they turned out to be like... 

 The bigger one of the lot... I just adore these bright set of colours...

These are a set of paper wheels I used to decorate the wall in a bright yellow room.

Art book Cover
An art book cover which I made for my for my brothers friend. 

Class Time Table
Come June and its school time! My Mum's a school teacher and every year I have this task to come up with a unique time table for her class...sigh! After being done with all the possible shapes on earth and out of all the square and round options, I decided to make a butterfly-shaped time table for her. This is what it turned out to be like...

These are just a few of my creations. I hope to have more as i go down the creativity lane! :)

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  1. You design are very creative and unique.
    I personally try this at least once.