Thursday, 19 July 2012

Papyrus II - Handmade Gift Bags

This is a collection of cute little bags made for various gifting options. We have numerous options when it comes to big gifts – just wrap it up in a fancy present paper and top it up with a ribbon. But what about those small little, tiny gifts? What do you do when you gift items like delicate jewelry, ornaments, key chains? Its kind of difficult with limited options available to us. That’s how I came up with an idea of making these little gift bags, each with a different design suited for individual preferences.  

I used different types of handmade paper, cardstocks for these and accessorized them with tiny accessories like pearls, decorative stones, quills quilled roses, ribbons and much more.  For the handles I’ve used fancy chords easily available in the market. 

To make these bags even more personalized, I added a small blank card and a bookmark which can be given along with the gift. 
A lemon colored gifting set accessorized with a set of quilled roses.

Red on Beige. The quilled rose is made out of felt paper.

Resemblance to Denim. Made with Navy blue handmade paper and accessorized with quilled roses.
Soft & delicate.. just like the colors used here. Blush colored handmade paper bag accessorized with decorative stones.

Metallic colored handmade paper accessorized with cut work.

Lemon colored gift bag and accessorized with decorative pearls.

Black colored handmade paper and accessorized with quilled roses.  My favorite combination of all! :P

Mustard colored gift bag (a set of two) accessorized with decorative quills and stones. 

My favorite creation of all the lot... Purple colored bag accessorized with quilled roses. 

Navy blue colored bag accessorized with quills.

Blush colored bag accessorized with cream colored quilled rose. Love this rich combination of Blush and Cream!

Paint me Red! Red colored gift bags accessorized with quilled roses.

Aqua blue colored bag accessorized with silver roses and a stunning card to go with it.

Accessorized with decorative stones with a handmade print.

All these gifting bags can be purchased on Craftsvilla and Do feel free to contact us in case you want any customized orders. 


  1. Nice handmade gift bags and boxes. I like this design very much.

    1. Thank you. Seems that you are also into gift packaging. Do you also design and craft bags and boxes?

  2. I loved your idea of using handmade paper for making cute and colorful bags. They are perfect when the gifts are customized and can be a gift by itself. I plan to make and gift a bunch of these for my little niece for her birthday and I am sure she will love them.