Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Papyrus I – Greeting Cards

Paper Crafting has always been an amusement to me… Right from ordinary newspaper to handmade premium paper, you can make absolutely “something” out of it! And the best thing about paper is you can try out a set of varied techniques to get stunning products.

I’ve been paper crafting since 2003 and begun with mainly greeting cards slowly moving into gifting bags, boxes, paper wheels, decoupage, lanterns etc etc. I will be discussing each of it in a separate post.

To begin with, let me start on the greeting cards I’ve crafted. I love experimenting with greeting cards and every piece I make - I make it with a fresh new idea.

One of the most common techniques in the greeting cards I make would be using quilled accessories. I think they look absolutely amazing giving every item a very plush appearance. 
These are few greeting cards where I’ve used quilled roses as accessories.
A blush colored greeting card with quilled roses set on a piece of embossed paper.
My all time favorite combination! Fuchsia colored quiiled roses used as accessories for this one.
A rich combination of red and gold...

Another technique which I just love playing with is quills… They’re just faboulous! Curl them, twist them, do anything, and expect unbelievably fantastic results! These are a few of my creations with quills:

Black clubbed with shades of fuchsia and pink! It took me quiet sometime to complete this one... 

One of my personal favorites! blush clubbed with black quills.

Apart from quilling, I love to experiment with some other ideas as well. Here are some of my original ideas and some of my unique works of craft!

Made for a young bride...The dress on the card is made out of cloth used for flower wrapping.
So this is it in my greeting card creations... Yes... this is not all... There's more to come!

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