Monday, 24 February 2014

My very own Handcrafted Wedding ~ 26.12.13 (In the making)

Hello People! Hope you all are doing great! 
Its been quiet sometime since my last post; had been super busy with my own wedding so had to skip blogging for sometime! Well I'm back and going and super excited to share stuff with you guys starting with my wedding...

I haven't been so glad as I am today and as I share with you guys all that went into this wedding. It was a tough journey, but ended as a fairy tale... 
Our theme was Plum Purple & Gold centred around nature, carnations & loved birds. Nothing better than incorporating your favourite colours to decorate your own wedding! :D
Almost every single detail was hand-crafted, right from the ring holder, table pieces, guest book and cake topper. Thanks to all my folks - my mom, my siblings - Shearl, Carlton, Allen & Shannon who did everything to keep up with my never ending demands. :D Not to forget Ivan (now my husband) & his family who has a lot of contribution to the all the creative details as well. It took a lot of effort and yes, never ending arguments, but it was all worth it :D 
To begin with, is the invitation card. This was a tough one - getting the perfect paper, perfect colours and the hunt for the right wrapping elements. Thanks to Wilson Gonsalves of White Lace Designs, Margao - Goa who did everything for our idea to fall in place. 
The Invitation Design
It took a couple of weeks to complete the entire Invite since the entire wrapping was to be done by us.It was so much of fun doing this with family! 
And the final product... done up on textured paper with a semi transparent handmade cover held by a punched circle.
We wanted to keep the entire decor very simple yet very elegant. So we chose to go in for a lot of candle votives and a lot pretty details in line with the themes. Here are snapshots of what we made.
A lot of Krafty Krook stuff :D
Decor for the Guest Tables. Ivory & Purple Paper Pomanders with Hand painted Chai Glass Votives.
Decor for the family tables. Stringed Chai Glasses & Lamps with large paper carnations.
 Mini Pomander Strings
 Punched Paper Bags to light up all the pathways
The Guest book in the making...
The cake toppers.. Pretty little love birds designed & crafted by my sister Shearl
Hand crafted Head gears for the Junior Bridal party
Hand crafted Buttonnaires for the Bridal Party
Our Rustic Ring Holder designed & crafted by Ivan
It was so much fun making all this stuff for the wedding!! And yes, challenging too... especially if you're very specific about colours and themes. We do lack a lot of good resources especially in India. So we have to make the best of what we have..

Very excited for the next post which will include snapshots of the actual wedding...

Till then,
Happy Crafting! Have Fun