Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fun Costers - Recycled from Old Book Covers

Hello people! Hope you all are good! I know its been long - have been tied up with loads of stuff! I somehow managed to sneak out of my busy routine to get this project posted.
Here's a really cool way of recycling cardboard from boxes and book covers! An absolutely fantastic way of turning trash into treasure! And simple too :) 
Here are the book covers used for these coasters!
I had to cut these into squares to make the coasters. For the finishing, I used acrylic paints (both matte & metallic), 3D liners and leaves from my garden to get the leaf stamps. These coasters are with metallic paint leaf stampings.
The back part is done in reverse colours with a metallic paint background and stamping in black. Here are the ones done with plain matte paints.
 The last lot done with 3D liners. 
A real simple and an awesome way to turn trash into treasure!!! So collect all those hardbound book covers and try this out. I'm sure you'll love it! 
My next project is on votives with leaf stamping! Sounds cool? Stay tuned to my blog!

Till then,
Happy Crafting!


  1. Very innovative :

  2. 3D liners of which company ??

    love the leaf prints

    1. Thanks Priyanjana. They're a mix of Camlin 3D liners and glass liners

  3. Nice way to reuse :) Love all the coasters.
    check out my blog
    - Lakshmi