Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bookmark Love

Hello folks! I know its been very long... was caught up with a lot of things here n there. At the same time, a lot of good things came my way! Firstly, Krafty Krook was featured in Goa's leading daily Herald which was just so fantastic! You can take a look at it in the side panel. Thanks to this, I stumbled upon an opportunity to write a weekly craft column for kids! Isn't that great? So that it for these 2 long weeks along with these beatiful bookmarks I made for a customer. These were coupled with a gift box and a greeting card. Here's a snapshot:
If you notice, majority of the bookmarks have been crafted with punched paper and quills. They make cute elements especially when its meant for gifting. They simply add a warm feel to a bookmark in addition to giving the reader a cute ornament for their books.
The gift box is crafted using printed card stock and a quilled design. And nothing else makes me more happy than knowing the client loved it all!!! :) 

Well that's it for now. Next week I have some really cool stuff lined up - Coasters from CD's and Price tags!! 

Till then,
Happy Crafting


  1. lovely Bookmarks ! they look simply awesome !

  2. Hey these are nice and I love bookmarks coz i have loads and loads of books so i would suggest , try out some different types of bookmarks


    find out here

    1. Hey Priyanjana. Thanks! Yes, I will definitely try more bookmarks soon:) I'm sure there's not limit to the techniques for making bookmarks. Btw, you've got a nice blog :)Hope to see you here again.