Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Elegant Glass Votives

Well, its been a busy season while we're all getting geared up for Christmas. 
All what I could put my hands together on were these pretty little glass votives.   Basically i just needed some candle holders for a religious function at home. So, I was looking to make some candle holders until i laid my eyes on a pair of  regular drinking glasses. 
Not much of an effort though... All I had to do is get them painted and lay this fancy netted paper on it with a few stone embellishments. Finally, just place tea light candles inside. A better tip - pour in some water into the votives (preferably covering 1/4th of the glass) and let the candles float to give a more visible effect.
These votives could be tried out with a lot of variations especially with a variety of handmade paper available in the market. Go in for the netted ones (for a more transparent effect) like the ones made with thread, fibre etc. You could also use translucent paper which are easily available at any stationary shop. 

Till then, Happy crafting! Wish you a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.