Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Glassy Tales 4 - Glass Vases

For all this while it was just glass bottles, jars and bowls… Glass Vases were the last thing on my mind and frankly! I never thought of redecorating them until I spotted these in one of the local markets in Panjim! It was fun brainstorming different ways to decorate these.
With a thin layer of purple glass paint on its surface, this thin-necked vase is studded with purple shaded decorative stones. My idea was to give it a gradient look and hence, started with the lightest shade below spreading to a darker shade to the mouth of the vase. Purple is my personal favorite, the reason why I went in for it… I’m sure this glass will look equally awesome with shades of turquoise, magenta, red, greens… more of the edgy colors. 
A closer look..

And all I thought while making this one was “How on earth am I going to use lace on this one?” Thanks to the thin neck…. It made the work easier… Glass painted with tangy orange, the vase has a charm in its own way! Simple yet elegant – that’s how I would describe this one… and guess what? It sold out!! Yippeeeee…
A closer look... Lace makes an awesome accessory especially for glass!

A little on heavier side, this vase has been glass painted in shades of lavender embedded with purple & silver shaded decorative stones. 

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