Thursday, 31 May 2012

Glassy Tales 1 - Junkies

Glass objects have always been a fascination to me right from the beginning. I’ve tried various painting varied type/objects of glass from throw-away waste glass strips to jam bottles, whisky bottles. I love working with Junk especially when I can transform a useless item to something that makes people say “oh vow! This is fantastic!” Here are a few of my creations which is all out of throw away glass items.

Jam & Pickle bottles redecorated can be used as home decor items. And they look best when they’re lighted. These were all made for my friend Andrea. And not to forget... these are a result of all her ideas and concepts. 

An Amazing combination of sea blue, silver, gold and a tinge of red!! This is what they look when they’re lit up.. Amazing, Is’nt it?


I guess it’s enough of bluesssss by now ... :P Here are a few jars experimented with more colors..

A range of uniquely designed jars, accessorized with laces, sequins, ribbons and paper!

Bottle Green with a dash of lace! I’ve used these small cute little glittery flowers to add to the look. 

My Favourite Jar till date! Painted in shades of Yellow – Bright and sunny! All inspired by this hot scorching summer, yummy mangoes and jackfruit! All that makes summers even more memorable! 

 A very simple one decorated with blush colored lace.

This so reminds me of Winter!! Coldddddddd!!! The onset of Christmas, glitter everywhere. And small little blue glittery flowers to add to the mood! :D I know its too early to feel all christmasy :P But i couldn't help it with this one!

This glass container came in with some scented cream in it!! Not to mention, it is anyways cute by itself.  It din't require much work anyways. I just added some tiny polka dots to it with a silver glass liner. I use it as my tiny jewellery storage box :)

This wine bottle came as a part of a Christmas hamper to my boss. Unfortunately, the wine was lying inside the fridge for months together with apparently no one interested in it! Finally, we had to throw out the wine. 
Instead of disposing the bottle, i got it home and tried working on it. As usual, I’m more than happy to work with stuff like this.
The design on the bottle is inspired by a carved window which i saw while on a trip to Rajasthan. It’s not exactly the same but yes close to it :P.

A throw-away chocolate box! Glass painted and refurbished as a unique storage box. 

So this all has been my creation with junk and throw-away glass. Oh yes... there’s more to come... 
Just a small message to this - we all have been so busy in our lives that we forget to take care of nature. Reuse, recycle and recreate everything that comes to your hand! It counts a lot and serves as a small little contribution from us to Nature!

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