Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Deep Blue Sea Collection - Amazing Home Decor made from Junk!

First of all, wishing you guys a very happy new year! We’ve got another set of 365 days filled with unexpected surprises, inspiration and challenges. So may we all be blessed with the best of creative spirits to rise up to the best!

So to start off with this brand new year, here’s Krafty Krook’s new collection comprising of pen stands, coasters and candle votives. And yes, again all made from junk items except for the votives (made from the ordinary ones available in the market).

Well, I must admit that I’m a total sea-freak and I adore every single thing associated with the sea and blue waters. Being a Goan, it comes naturally to me! He he… Talking about the ‘deep blue sea’ collection - its totally inspired by the elements of the seaside – the aqua blue sea, cool sea breeze, the golden sand, cute starfishes, tiny pebbles and lots more. Here's the entire bunch:

Quirky Sea inspired Pen Stands
Made from old CD's, empty shampoo bottles. Accessories made from crafter's clay
Medium sized pen stand with gold embellishments
Medium sized pen stand with silver embellishments
Large sized pen stand with silver embellishments

 Quirky Sea inspired Table coasters
Made from old CD's and thick Jute twine

    Elegant Sea inspired candle votives

Made from ordinary shot glasses available in the market. Hand painted and embellished with handmade fancy paper.
Hand painted shot glasses to serve as candle votives
Lit up with LED candles
Believe me, you can make amazing stuff out of junk! We just need to put our creative minds together, hunt and be open to experiment! And this is just a part of it all... there much much more, much beyond our imagination!
Do stay tuned for the tutorial on my quirky sea inspired pen stands.

Till then, Happy Crafting